‘LensCulture Exposure Awards 2015’: Finalist Award

Just on time for the beginning of the ‘Year of the Monkey: my images from Vietnam have been awarded once again. I’m delighted to announce that the international jury has selected me to be a Finalist at the LensCulture Exposure Award!

LensCulture received submissions from photographers in over 100 countries. Being one of the finalists is a great honor and personal accomplishment – I am very proud that my work has been chosen as one of the best of the best! Please have a look at my LensCulture portfolio.

The featured portfolio 100 Faces of Viet Nam is showing a selection of portraits across Viet Nam, representing a society, which is on the brink of change. It shows the people from a developing country caught between tradition and modernity. These photographs exist because of a commission for 3 photo books: I went out there 3 times on behalf of Michael Waibel and the Goethe Institute Hanoi. Last not least, they also exist because of my love for this country and for the wonderful people I met during this assignment. Thank you, all of you!!!

By the way, the Winners & Finalists of the 2015 Exposure Awards will be exhibited at 
Somerset House during Photo London — London’s Premier Photography Fair!

Venue & date: Somerset House, The Strand, London WC2R 1LA, 19 - 22 May 2016