'Chaeg Magazine' no 22, December 2016

Does anyone of you speak Korean? Please please help me translate :)))

Perhaps you remember my creative photography project 'Playing Cards' from 2014, which is playfully observing our daily routine on mobile devices. It seems that mobile phones and tablets have become our new best friends, we never leave them unattended. But what happens to the seemingly endless stream of data we leave behind? All this private information we post and tweet about our lives; where is it really going? Who is the one that is pulling the strings???

The project has been picked up by the South-Korean cultural magazine 'Chaeg' which is dedicated to the world of books, with special care for contemporary photography. The 'Playing Cards' series is featured on the cover and the article is spread over 4 double pages. If only I could read the text... :)))

Credits: Photography & Styling: Astrid Schulz   /  Make-up: Mary Ellen Lamb  /  Hair: Michael Ptootch & Sophia Eltayeb at salon Flaxon Ptootch (Chaeng ISBN: 9-772383-750001)