Journey to Israel 2006

giraffe_in_Qualqilia zoo
In April 2006 Astrid was commissioned to document the annual Universal Peace Conference in Jerusalem. She extended the journey for a documentary project on zoos in Israel as well as the Palestinian territories. One story attracted her in particular: the isolated zoo in Qalqilya, a small town in the West Bank, which is totally enclosed by the separation wall.

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Playground in JaffaOther observations on living conditions are photographed in the different areas Astrid encountered.

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Jaffa (Oranges or what?)

Jaffa is beautiful, so I was told, romantic and really old. So when I arrived I expected to see the flavour of its Palestinian history. Indeed, the first impression after I got out of the car in at night matched my expectations: warm air coming from the sea, the scent of a hookah across the pavement and the bustling atmosphere at Jaffa’s centre near the clock tower. Promising, I thought...

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