'Food Keeps Body & Soul Together', 01.10 - 24.10 and 28.10 - 14.11.10

Astrid is currently in pre-production with her next exhibitions, which are showcasing portraits from her colourful series 'Food Keeps Body & Soul Together'. The images will go on show twice: as part of London PHOTOMONTH festival (October 2010) and at the BRIGHTON PHOTO FRINGE (November 2010).

The first show are held at Shipton Street Gallery
Shipton Street, London E2 7RZ
Showtime: 01.10.10 - 24.10.10

Opening party:
Friday, 01.10.10, 6.30pm - 9pm

Food keeps Body & Soul together is an ongoing project, which is bringing together Astrid’s passion for food and her previous career as a costume designer. Before each image concept was developed, most of the sitters were asked about their favourite meals. In other pictures the edible item is telling the viewer something about the sitter’s pastime. The resulting images are humorous, bold and distinctive.

The title of the show is inspired by Astrid’s grandmother Liese-Lotte Buck, who sadly died in 2009. ‘Eat, everybody, food keeps body and soul together!’ - this is what she used to say before a family meal. The exhibitions are held her memory.