‘fLIP Magazine no17’, November Issue 2010

fLIP is an independent magazine, which is published three times per year by the London Independent Photographers (LIP). The magazine is the official voice of LIP, which has over 600 members and it aims to support, inspire and inform its readers by featuring members' photographic work with articles that are engaging and entertaining.

The latest issue, no 17 with the title 'Movement', is featuring an article about Astrid's work 'Food keeps Body & Soul together'. The article was a response from both Astrid's involvement at the LIP members show as well as her 2 recent solo exhibitions.

The magazine is available at various stockists across London, including the Tate Modern Bookshop, National Portrait, Serpentine Gallery Bookshop, Whitechapel Gallery Bookshop and many more. If you wish to read the article, please visit www.astridschulz.com/flip-fkbst/.