FORMAT Photography Festival: Latitude - Status Update, 04.03 – 03.04.11

‘Status Update’ is a new project by Latitude Photographers, a photo collective from London. Latitude has engaged their Facebook friends to share creative images in response to the festivals theme 'Right Here Right Now’.

The conclusion of this project will be presented as a slide-show at the International Photography Festival FORMAT 11. The work is envisaged as being a large screen projection within a gallery space – ‘updating the status’ from a Facebook exchange to gallery artwork.

Venue: Mob FORMAT HQ, 44 Sadler Gate, Little Chester, Derby DE1 3NQ
Dates: 4th March - 3rd April
Opening times: 10:00 - 17:30

Astrid’s submission is the triptych ‘White Lies Kill’ (shown above), which is taken from a body of work called ‘Death in Arles’. The series is dealing with the break-up of a relationships and it’s consequences – right here, right now.