‘Clowns international’ 66th Annual Service, 05.02.2012

Clowns International is the oldest established organisation for Clowns in the World. It was founded in 1946 as a social club for all types of performing Clowns. Its aims include the furthering of the art of clowning, maintaining its history and promoting the art of good clowning throughout the world.

A highlight of Clowns International's calendar is the Joseph Grimaldi Memorial Service; annually held on the first Sunday of February at Holy Trinity, the Clowns Church at Beechwood Road in East London.

Astrid had the pleasure of being invited to photograph the clowns throughout the event. Alas, the night before the service it snowed – and many clowns have been prevented to travel to the event due to bad weather conditions. Nonetheless, the few who made it to East London that day where most entertaining and charming characters...

To honour of the memory of Joseph Grimaldi and all the other clowns please click here.