'London Village Project': LIP Gallery Exhibition, 30.07.12 – 26.08.12

--> For the course of a year over 200 members of the London Independent Photography group worked on the ‘London Village Project’. The goal was to create a body of work that is identifiable as a unique contribution to the record of London with its multiplicity of communities, its miscellany of histories, its medley of architecture, its boundaries real and imagined, its current creation, its reference to memory...

The project is now completed and will be exhibited, published in a book and presented at the BBC Big Screen (details tbc)

Exhibition venue: Goldsmiths College, 
New Academic Building - exhibition area, 
New Cross, London, SE14 6NW

The opening party takes place on Thursday, 02.08.12, 6pm - 8.30pm

Astrid’s contribution to the project is called ‘The Wedding Pubs’ and is depicting the events of the Royal Wedding on 29 April 2011. Instead of joining the spectators in the streets, Astrid took her camera into 28 pubs or ‘public houses’ in the borough of Westminster and followed the celebration on various TV screens.