'Perfect Storms' - The Varian Disaster: TV Documentary

The Battle of the Toutoburg Forest, also called the 'Varian Disaster' took place in 9 CE. This battle, which was lost by the Romans, probably changed history in Europe forever as the Romans were to make no more attempts to conquer and permanently hold Germania beyond the river thereafter.

Now, 2000 years later, the battle has raised interest again and was topic of major exhibitions in Germany as well as TV reconstructions.

Astrid was lucky to have been commissioned to work on a documentary by a Canadian TV company, which came to the UK for a documentary series. The battle was performed by UK re-enactors, playing Roman soldiers or Iron Age warriors (stills from the film: www.astridschulz.com/varian/).

This series of portraits was made in the forest after the battle and can be seen on Astrid's web portfolio (www.astridschulz.com/warriors).