London Photographers Association ‘Lets Face It’ Competition

Announcement: the series ‘Farmers’ has been awarded as Highly Commended by the London Photographers Association. The LPA is running its portraiture competition Let's Face It for the 10th time, and Astrid has already been honored in other LPA competitions in previous years.

The series can be seen at:

About the images: ‘Farmers' (from ‘Made in Vietnam’) has been created during a 2month residency at New Space Art Foundation in Hue, Central Vietnam. During the residency Astrid was exploring the subject of food. The series ‘Farmers’ has been created honor of micro food production households and features people who are physically involved in growing or producing food from their homes and gardens. Astrid wishes to support the values of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), which declared the International Year of Family Farming