'Farmers (from: Made in Vietnam)' at the Vietnamese Caphe House, 01.12.14 - 30.06.15

Finally, some of the wonderful people I photographed in Vietnam will be on display in a London based Vietnamese coffee shop.

The series 'Farmers' were part of a larger body of work which I created during my artist residency in 2013. After being exhibited in Hue and Hanoi, the images were shipped to London and since waiting to see the light of day again. Eight images will be chosen and exchanged in February for another selection of farmers. The exhibition will last for 6 month in total.

In order to celebrate, please join me on Saturday, 6 December at 3.30 for an informal opening / ‘caphe’ meeting

Venue: Caphe House at 114 Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey, London SE1 3TX

Opening times:
Mon - Fri: 8am – 5.00pm

 / Sat: 9am – 5.00pm / Sun: closed
Also closed for 3 weeks from 20 December to 10 January!!!

About the images: the project has been created in honour of micro food production households and features people who are physically involved in growing or producing food from their homes and gardens. We often forget how labour intensive it is to produce what we eat. Especially in the Western world the connection between food and nature seems to get lost. Therefore I visited small-scale farmers and family run production businesses and took portraits of people with their products in order to re-establish a relationship with the origin of food provisions. The series will be continued in Senegal from January to February 2015.