Project: ‘Made in Senegal', Artist Resdency, 15.01 – 16.02.15

More than a year after my productive time in Central Vietnam, I am returning to my project on local small scale 'food production'. This time I am invited for a further Artist Residency at Waaw in Saint-Louis in Senegal.

Intention of the project: we often forget how labor intensive it is to produce what we eat. Especially in the Western world the connection between food and nature seems to get lost. Therefore I am going to visit fisherman and small-scale farmers as well as family run production businesses in the region around Saint Louis. For the duration of 3 weeks I will take portraits of people with their products in order to re-establish a relationship with the origin of food provisions.

Waaw is an artists' residence, which aims to promote Senegalese and African culture and to facilitate cultural exchange by bringing people together for work or study. The main focus is on art and design. Waaw provides a work base and accommodation for creative people seeking inspiration in the local environment and culture.

My time in Saint-Louis starts on 16th January and I am working towards an exhibition, which opens mid February. The exhibition is going to feature a series of portraits, featuring people who are physically involved with growing or producing Senegalese food including fishing or life stock keeping. Next to the local portraits I will also exhibit some of the images, which I created in Vietnam in 2013.

Further information will follow in time...