‘Cows and the Earth’ Book publishing commission, August 2009

Working oxen on a British Hare Krishna farmAstrid has finally completed her latest commission for a book publication by Fitzrovia Press, London. The book ‘Cows and the Earth’ is describing the benefits of vegetarian food for the future of the planet Earth. Vegetable based diets will contribute to minimization of animal cruelty and habitat destruction. The underlining message is back to natural and UK based farming. The book is describing a small farm in the heart of Herefordshire at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Krishna Temple. The farm is running a cow protection centre and, that agricultural land can be farmed by ox power and milk cam be produced without animal cruelty (usually caused by commercial methods like milking machines, indoor captivity or artificial fodder components).

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Night time decoration at a Hare Krishna festivalFor information on the book please visit www.fitzroviapress.com

A second publication is on the way: a guidebook on the Hare Krishna temple near Watford, north of London, in connection with the International Society For Krishna Consciousness. The book is due for Spring 2010. For updated information watch this space.

For information about the Krishna temple please visit www.krishnatemple.com