Journey to Scotland 2004

Tibetan Monastery in Scotland
It was not the Scottish landscape that attracted Astrid to visit Dumfriesshire, it was a Tibetan Monastery, hidden in the middle of nowhere, on the rainiest spot in the UK. Kagyu Sanye Ling was founded in 1967, its name means ‘place beyond imagination’. Through Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche’s (co-founder) vision and guidance, a magnificent temple in traditional Tibetan design was erected and opened its door in 1988. The temple and most other buildings, which followed were build entirely by volunteers and funded through donations. Today the monastery is a flourishing centre preserving Tibetan Buddhism, arts, medicine and culture. Buddhist teachings of highest standards, weekend courses, retreats and special events are held throughout the year. Kagyu Samye Ling is constantly growing and the building work is still ongoing. Yet it is an oasis of peace and wisdom, aiming to benefit all beings far beyond the area where it is placed.

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