'Fitzrovia Journal' Issue No.2 Launch Party, 03.07.14

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce a new magazine? This is actually issue no.2 already, but it only appeared on the readers table this year and is distributed only in Fitzrovia.

I also wish to announce, that the magazine was holding three of my photo essays, including the cover picture of Ezra Axelrod, a young and critically-acclaimed American singer-songwriter.

My other two stories are about Mathew Sturgis, an author, historian and biographer, and Jason Morell, an actor, who has recently been acclaimed to be the director of the 'Dylan Thomas' festival in Fitzrovia, scheduled for October.

The launch event of issue no.2 (‘Modernity’) is happening at:
Venue: 'Rebecca Hossack Gallery', 2A Conway Street, 
London W1T 6BA
Time: Thursday, 3 July, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Fitzrovia Journal will return in October with issue no. 3, which runs under the topic of ‘Creativity’. You will find more of my essays in there, watch this space...