'Playing Cards', new creative project at Flaxon Ptootch

With joy and anticipation, I started a new series: for the coming weeks I will be working on a set of playing cards - based on real life observations and modern ways of communication...

My creative partners are Michael Phootch, owner of the legendary hair saloon and gallery Flaxon Phootch, his hair styling colleague Sophia Eltayeb and the wonderful make-up artist  Mary Ellen Lamb.

Almost all models are clients and friends from the fan club of the hair saloon, demonstrating the skill set of Michael (King of Kentish Town, see picture) and Sophia. However, we are still short of one king... Any brave takers?

Watch this space!!! There will be an exhibition in December, just in time before Christmas. Pop in and see for yourself: this is not just a hair saloon!!!

Further announcements will follow shortly.