'Hà Nội: CAPITAL CITY', 2nd book commission in Vietnam

Following my photo book commission in Vietnam 2013 (TP. HCM Mega City).  I had the pleasure to be called again for another photo book, this time in Ha Noi.

In 3 weeks I photographed over 40 individual people and families in their homes or at work and asked them about their personal relationship to Ha Noi. The outcome is forming one chapter in this book, which otherwise documents the recent developments of the historical Capital City in Vietnam.

For my chapter ('The people of Hanoi') I wanted to take a closer look behind the facade and explore how people use their personal space. This gave me the opportunity to gather a fascinating insight into homes and workplaces from rich to poor, from younger to older generations and from migrants to those who lived here all their lives and helped to shape this city.

The book is sponsored and supported by Goethe Institute Hanoi and will be published beginning of 2015. More information will follow in time.