'London Independent Photographers' 9th Greenwich Annual Exhibition, 08.08 - 21.08.16

As every year, the members of the Greenwich group of LIP are showcasing their work at Greenwich Gallery. This year I have chosen to exhibit another image from my work in Vietnam, which I created during a 2month artist residency in 2013. The picture is called ‘Seashells’; it is a portrait of ‘Chau Thi No’. Mrs No has been boiling tiny seashells on Con Hen Island for over 30 years. This occupation was passed on from her ancestors. View more images from the series 'Made in Vietnam'.

The opening event: Thursday, 11th August, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue: The Greenwich Gallery at 
Linear House, Peyton Place, London SE10 8RS

Opening times: Mo - Fri, 9am - 5.30 / Sat - Sun, 1pm - 5pm

The series ‘Farmers' has been created in honour of micro food production households and features people who are physically involved in growing or producing food from their homes and gardens. We often forget how labour intensive it is to produce what we eat. Especially in the Western world the connection between food and nature seems to get lost. The aim of the project is to re-establish a relationship with the origin of food provisions. The series will be continued in Latin America.