'100 Faces of Viet Nam (2)', KOLGA Award nomination & Photo Festival, 05 - 13.05.17

I am trilled to announce the outcome of the Kolga Award in 2017: Various images of mine have been nominated to be among the best projects; they will be exhibited during the KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO Festival and celebrated at the opening event on 5th May.

This year the jury went for another selection of 10 images from my documentary series '100 Faces of Viet Nam'. The images were taken from 2013 - 2016 and demonstrate scenes of life and work in the cities of Vietnam.

Another nomination went in favor of the portrait 'Mbaye' from the series 'Made in Senegal' in the category 'One Shot'. This body of work is depicting small scale food producers; it was created during my artist residency in Saint Lewis, Senegal.

However, I am particularly proud about the nomination of 'Daphne' (from the series 'Once upon a Time'). This is a brand new project, dealing with memories on how it felt to be young.

Venue for the award exhibition: 14 Kostava Street, Art-space at the Hippodrome Park, Tamarashvili Str.13, Tbilisi, Georgia
Opening event: 5th May 2017 at 8pm
Professional week: 5th - 11th May 2017

For further information about the festival please click here: https://www.kolga.ge