'Astrid Schulz Costume Design' launched a new website

I would like to welcome you to my brand new website! Over the last years I have grown and so has my portfolio and experience. It was time to create a new 'shop window' that reflects that. And here it is - please visit astridschulzcostume.work

I hope you will agree with me: the new site is easier to navigate and ultimately much more fun. And finally, it is mobile friendly :) Please test it for me and let me know if there is anything that still needs improving. 

As I am in the process of renewal, I will do the same with my photography website in the coming month. Watch this space and come back for more!

PS: It has been quite a journey up to this point. Lots of memories came up whilst digging out the wonderful projects throughout my creative history which are featured on my new costume site. I would like to thank those who worked with me and I wish plenty more opportunities will come up for all of us.

'Chaeg Magazine' no 22, December 2016

Does anyone of you speak Korean? Please please help me translate :)))

Perhaps you remember my creative photography project 'Playing Cards' from 2014, which is playfully observing our daily routine on mobile devices. It seems that mobile phones and tablets have become our new best friends, we never leave them unattended. But what happens to the seemingly endless stream of data we leave behind? All this private information we post and tweet about our lives; where is it really going? Who is the one that is pulling the strings???

The project has been picked up by the South-Korean cultural magazine 'Chaeg' which is dedicated to the world of books, with special care for contemporary photography. The 'Playing Cards' series is featured on the cover and the article is spread over 4 double pages. If only I could read the text... :)))

Credits: Photography & Styling: Astrid Schulz   /  Make-up: Mary Ellen Lamb  /  Hair: Michael Ptootch & Sophia Eltayeb at salon Flaxon Ptootch (Chaeng ISBN: 9-772383-750001)

‘LensCulture Exposure Awards 2015’: Finalist Award

Just on time for the beginning of the ‘Year of the Monkey: my images from Vietnam have been awarded once again. I’m delighted to announce that the international jury has selected me to be a Finalist at the LensCulture Exposure Award!

LensCulture received submissions from photographers in over 100 countries. Being one of the finalists is a great honor and personal accomplishment – I am very proud that my work has been chosen as one of the best of the best! Please have a look at my LensCulture portfolio.

The featured portfolio 100 Faces of Viet Nam is showing a selection of portraits across Viet Nam, representing a society, which is on the brink of change. It shows the people from a developing country caught between tradition and modernity. These photographs exist because of a commission for 3 photo books: I went out there 3 times on behalf of Michael Waibel and the Goethe Institute Hanoi. Last not least, they also exist because of my love for this country and for the wonderful people I met during this assignment. Thank you, all of you!!!

By the way, the Winners & Finalists of the 2015 Exposure Awards will be exhibited at 
Somerset House during Photo London — London’s Premier Photography Fair!

Venue & date: Somerset House, The Strand, London WC2R 1LA, 19 - 22 May 2016

'Social Documentary Network': Featured Photographer of the Month, January 2016

Announcement: This month I was honored for my book project 100 Faces of Viet Nam by the organization Social Documentary Network and featured on their SPOTLIGHT newsletter.

Their comment: "At a time of so much tension in the world, it is heartening to see an exhibit about a country experiencing a renaissance of human potential 40 years after fighting and winning a devastating war against the U.S. and has now come to be our friend. Schulz's photographs are heavily influenced by her theater and TV background as evidenced by the impeccable composition and lighting of each frame. She also adds  intimate and important details about her subjects. Astrid's words and photos together weave an important story about the resiliency of the human spirit".

The featured portfolio 100 Faces of Viet Nam is showing a selection of portraits across Viet Nam, representing a society, which is on the brink of change. It shows the people from a developing country caught between tradition and modernity. Photographed in 5 different cities from the North to the South, these portraits allow a view into people’s homes and work places plus an insight into their lives and concerns – some of them are unexpected...

Have a look at: http://socialdocumentary.net/exhibit/Astrid_Schulz/3242

'Hà Nội CAPITAL City' Photo Book: Award for 'Best Work' 2015

It is my great pleasure to announce that on 23 Sep. 2015 the photo book I have been working on in 2014 has been honored with the "Bùi Xuân Phái 2015 - Love for Hanoi" Award.

Since 2008 the newspaper 'Sports & Culture' of Vietnam News Agency together with the descendants of the painter Bùi Xuân Phái awards this prestigious prize to projects, which are dedicated to increase awareness of the beauty of Hanoi.

The editor Dr. Michael Waibel is the first German to receive this prestigious award. I am proud to have been part of it.

'Fitzrovia Journal' Issue No.3 Launch Party, 23.10.14

Issue No 3 (‘Creativity’) is about to emerge!!! Soon you will find this new magazine on Fitzrovia at selected newsagents and cafes local to its neighborhood.

But before you can read these stories (written by Kirk Trueman), be invited to join the launch event, which is happening on Thursday, 23 October, 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Venue: 'The Kings Canary'
81 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 6RQ

I am also proud to announce that the magazine is holding two of my photo essays, including the cover picture of Shabnam Esl, a very gifted fashion designer. Shabnam draws her inspiration from ancient Persia and her creations are astonishingly beautiful.
My other photo story are about a fashion shop called In-Ku, run by Carin, a lovely lady from New Zealand. Carin is also very creative and her designs are very natural and charming. The footprint of her shop is tiny, but the space is well designed over several floors. Get the 'Fitzrovia Journal' to find out more...

'Wedding Projection' for Michael and Lucy, 24.08.14

With pleasure and joy I would like to announce the wedding of Michael & Lucy, which took place on 24th August in Kentish Town.

This exiting event provided me with an interesting photo opportunity. Video designer & animation director Zsolt Balogh was commissioned to produce a gigantic projection for the wedding reception. Zsolt created 5 superimposed images in total, displayed via 3 projectors against the wall of the entire venue and the effect was absolutely amazing.

The photography for the projection was provided by me (full body shots, see above) and photographer Douglas Cape (close ups). In case you getting inspired in having something like this for your wedding or other special events, you know where to find us... :)

'Fitzrovia Journal' Issue No.2 Launch Party, 03.07.14

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce a new magazine? This is actually issue no.2 already, but it only appeared on the readers table this year and is distributed only in Fitzrovia.

I also wish to announce, that the magazine was holding three of my photo essays, including the cover picture of Ezra Axelrod, a young and critically-acclaimed American singer-songwriter.

My other two stories are about Mathew Sturgis, an author, historian and biographer, and Jason Morell, an actor, who has recently been acclaimed to be the director of the 'Dylan Thomas' festival in Fitzrovia, scheduled for October.

The launch event of issue no.2 (‘Modernity’) is happening at:
Venue: 'Rebecca Hossack Gallery', 2A Conway Street, 
London W1T 6BA
Time: Thursday, 3 July, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Fitzrovia Journal will return in October with issue no. 3, which runs under the topic of ‘Creativity’. You will find more of my essays in there, watch this space...

'Magical CHRISTMAS and a Prosperous NEW YEAR', 01.01 - 31.12.13

We are almost there: a New Year is approaching. Having said that, this year was actually quite fantastic. For me many exciting things happened in 2012, including the Olympic games of course… But let's not have our memories and enthusiasm get in the way... 2013 will be just as good, if not better.

With an angel by my side (from my last photo shoot this year) I hope that all our wishes come true. Just speak them into existence...

‘Clowns international’ 66th Annual Service, 05.02.2012

Clowns International is the oldest established organisation for Clowns in the World. It was founded in 1946 as a social club for all types of performing Clowns. Its aims include the furthering of the art of clowning, maintaining its history and promoting the art of good clowning throughout the world.

A highlight of Clowns International's calendar is the Joseph Grimaldi Memorial Service; annually held on the first Sunday of February at Holy Trinity, the Clowns Church at Beechwood Road in East London.

Astrid had the pleasure of being invited to photograph the clowns throughout the event. Alas, the night before the service it snowed – and many clowns have been prevented to travel to the event due to bad weather conditions. Nonetheless, the few who made it to East London that day where most entertaining and charming characters...

To honour of the memory of Joseph Grimaldi and all the other clowns please click here.

Astrid just wants to say 'Happy Christmas and a well-lit New Year'!

Do you also wonder where has the time has gone? For some of us the year 2011 has been quite a roller-coaster. Nonetheless, I hope you are – like myself – positively excited to explore what 2012 will bring!

With a Christmas Angel by my side (this is Claire from my last photo session in 2011) I grant a wish to everyone who believes in magic!

But for now I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a great time over the Christmas holidays. Let's add some fun whilst having another cup of tea and perhaps a mince pie: find out what happened 'when Santa came to get his picture taken'

Click and enjoy!!!